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We Translate All Kinds Of Insurance Documents

Benefits Guides and Summaries

Our experienced translators ensure that non-native speakers understand the various benefits offered by insurance policies.

Enrollment Forms and Guides

We provide accurate translation of enrollment forms and guides, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and ensuring higher enrollment rates and better customer satisfaction.

OE Packets and Risk Manuals

Our translations of open enrollment packets and risk manuals provide critical information about policies, and risk management that are important for both insurance companies and their customers.

Financial Literature

Our translations of financial reports, investment portfolios, and other financial documents ensure that investors and stakeholders receive the information they need.

Insurance Claims

Our translations of insurance claims help ensure that customers receive the compensation they are entitled to.

Policy Documents

We translate policy documents accurately, providing important information about coverage, premiums, and other terms and conditions that are critical for both insurance companies and their customers.

Consent Forms

Our translations of consent forms help insurance companies obtain informed consent from non-native speakers, ensuring that customers understand the risks and benefits of insurance policies.

Marketing Material and Internal Communications

Our translations of brochures, newsletters, and other marketing materials help insurance companies reach non-native speakers and better serve their existing customers.

Why Choose Datagain Insurance
Translation Services

Dedicated Project Manager
We will assign a dedicated Project Manager who will be the single point of contact and will ensure seamless communication that is critical for projects with short turnarounds. We will be responsible to deliver all publish-ready translations.
Translation Memory
Given our vast experience, we have stored a comprehensive glossary of technical terms. We utilize our Translation Memory to identify repetitions automatically. This process allows faster, consistent, and economical translations.
Our certified and experienced technical translation team will manually translate the given materials. We assign translators to each account to ensure consistency.Our team of expert linguists ensures that the translations are accurate and free of errors, typos, and inconsistencies.
Our design and typesetting team will ensure that the documents are formatted exactly like the original and are publish-ready when delivered. We can work with all file types. Our clients will be able to send us files in any format without having to worry about conversion.
We believe that attention to detail is key to delivering high-quality translations. Our expert proofreading team will double-check all translations to ensure 100% accurate localization

Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators

Datagain will conduct an independent quality review of every translation during the proofreading stage. Having provided translations for over a decade, we realize the importance of consistency in ensuring a linguistically, technically, and culturally correct localization.

Hiring Skilled and experienced Staff

All over translators have a minimum of 5 to 10 years of translation experience in addition to having the relevant education background. We are committed to retaining our high-quality staff. Most of our staff have been with Datagain for over 10 years.

Client Satisfaction Monitoring

We will continually collect satisfaction feedback on various metrics like overall quality, formatting, timeliness, and content quality.

Ongoing staff feedback and training

Our team is provided feedback and training on an ongoing basis by conducting team meetings and training tutorials.


I was very impressed with the speed and professionalism of Datagain and would be happy to refer Datagain translation services.

I have been working with Datagain for about 2-years now, utilizing their translation capabilities for insurance fraud investigations worldwide. They have performed perfectly every time and their communications are professional yet very friendly.

I have used Datagain translation service twice now. I provided Insurance benefit guides. which were very professionally translated in a timely manner. They were competitively priced and easy to work with. I can recommend them without hesitation.

"I recently used this translation service for a personal project, and I was impressed by the level of customer service I received. I would highly advise you to use this service for high-quality translation services.

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We have been in the translation industry since 2006. Our rates are very competitive and offer translations that are reliable, accurate, and secure.


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