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Getting Started

Please click here to register your free account with us.

It’s simple! Once you log in, click on New Project, type in the name of your project, upload the files, select the desired variables and just click submit. If you encounter any difficulties please contact us and our representatives will be available to assist you.

We support all major audio and video file types, including wav, mp3, voc, wma, arf, mp4, ds2, m4a, avi, MTS, mov, m4v, wmv, amr, and dss.

Even if there is a file type that hasn’t been mentioned above, we can convert it on our end to a supported file type and get it transcribed for you. Contact us to know more.

Our upload page also supports Google Drive links.

Yes, you can share your files with us through any of the above-mentioned file-sharing services at

Alternatively, you can also upload the files directly to our portal. If you encounter any difficulty, please contact us and our representatives will be available to assist you.

No, you do not. Although a smaller, low-resolution file is quicker to upload, which allows us to start work even faster. However, we do not have a preference and can work with files of any resolution.

You can share your Zoom recordings with us in two ways:

  1. If you have the recorded audio/video files, you can directly upload them to our portal.

2. Alternatively, if you have the meeting link of the recording, you can share the link with us via email along with its password. Contact us to know more.

We currently provide transcription services to and from English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Haitian Creole, Turkish, Hebrew, Farsi, Persian, Malay, and many more. Please contact us to know more about the supported languages.

Yes, we do. We will be happy to demonstrate the quality of our services by transcribing a short 20-minute file for you. Please send us the recording and we will transcribe it completely free of charge. There is no obligation to continue if you are unsatisfied with the results. Please contact us and our representatives will be available to assist you with the process.

The transcript will be available for download as a word document
We try our best to label all speakers in a recording. This is done using the following speaker tags: Interviewer 1, Interviewer 2, Interviewee 1, Interviewee 2. If you would like us to identify the speakers in a different format, please let us know and we can accommodate your request.
No, there are no extra charges applied for the speaker labeling/identification.
Yes, we do. We can de-identify/redact the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PHI (Protected Health Information) such as names, age, gender, address, phone number, place of work, etcetera, as per your requirement.
Yes, we charge $0.25/min for de-identifying/redacting information.
Our transcripts are compatible with ATLAS.ti, NVivo, Dedoose, Taguette and MaxQDA.

Yes, you can share any supporting materials with us. Contact us to know more.

Pricing and Services

Our transcription prices start at just $1.25/min of audio. For example, a 20-minute audio recording will cost only $25 to transcribe. You can use our calculator to get an exact quote. For any further information, please contact us to know more.

Verbatim transcription involves capturing every single word as it is spoken. Our clients choose verbatim transcripts when they would like to understand the ‘tone’ of the interview as it includes absolutely everything including the following:
● False starts and stutters
● Emotions such as [pauses], [laughs], and [cries].
● Fillers words such as ‘yeah’, ‘hmm’, ‘um’, ‘ugh’.
● Usage of ‘So’, ‘And’, ‘You know’, at the start of sentences.
An additional charge of $0.25/min is applicable.
When you select the timestamp option, you will see timestamps besides every speaker in the transcript.
The rate to display the timestamps besides every speaker is an additional $0.25/min.
There is no additional charge to transcribe recordings that have multiple speakers.
There are no taxes and extra charges applied. We will only charge you for the minutes we transcribe and if you opt for any additional options like verbatim transcripts and timestamps.

Yes, we do! Please get in touch with us at along with the scope of your project.

Our standard turnaround is 5 business days. To illustrate, if you upload a file on Tuesday, you will receive the transcript latest by Monday next week. If you need a faster turnaround, you may instead choose our 3-day or 24-hours turnaround.
The charges for different turnaround times are as follows:
● 5 Days turnaround is $1.25/min.
● 3 Days turnaround is $1.75/min.
● 24 hours turnaround is $2.25/min.


We typically issue monthly invoices for the files that have been transcribed in that month. However, we can accommodate requests if you would like to change the frequency of the invoices being sent out. Please contact us or email us at

You may pay us via Credit Card, Check, and ETF.

Yes, we do process Purchase orders. Please reach us at and we will guide you through the process.

Sure! Please share the scope of your project with us such as the total number of interviews and the length of each interview and we will send you a formal quote that will illustrate the breakdown of each item as well as the cost of your project. Please share the PO number once you receive it so that we can mention it on your invoice.

Security and Confidentiality

Yes, we are HIPAA and GDPR compliant and all our employees have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We take data security very seriously and keep all your information confidential as we primarily work on IRB-related projects on sensitive topics
Yes. Please share the document with us. We will review it, sign it and send it back to you.
Absolutely not! We have a strict customer confidentiality policy in place. Your files are private and are accessible only to you and to those that you share them with. All of our transcriptionists have signed NDAs and strict confidentiality agreements. Our transcriptions only work on our secure platform.
All our data is encrypted and stored on our protected AWS servers. Your files are securely stored and transmitted using TLS 1.2 encryption, bank-level security. You have the option of permanently deleting all your audio recordings and transcripts once they have been successfully downloaded.

Sure! Please you may get more information by visiting our Security & Privacy page.

We do thematic analysis which involves tagging/annotating to create sub-themes by categories. We cluster sub-themes to create broader themes and deliver a report in a stroy format.