U.S. Foils Drone Strike On Troops In Iraq; Attack Hours After Gaza Hospital Bombing Transcript

U.S. Foils Terror Attack On Its Troops In Iraq.
Iraqi Militants against U.S.’ support to Israel. First such attach on U.S. troops hours after Gaza Hospital bombing. The United States Thwarted a terrorist attack on its troops deployed in Iraq. U.S. Military said it eliminated two drones before they could strike Al-Asad Airbase. U.S. has 2500 troops in Iraq to assist local forces in combating the Islamic state. Last week, an Iraqi armed group threatened U.S. for backing Israel amid war with Hamas. The Militant group had said that it would hit U.S. interests with missiles. This was the first such attack bid on U.S. troops in Iraq in more than a year. This comes hours after a hospital in Gaza was bombed, killing over 500 Palestinians. The U.S. has been on heightened alert after the threat by Iran backed terror group.

Anger in Iraq Against U.S.

Tensions are already running high in Iraq over Israel’s relentless bombing in Gaza. Iraq’s top Shiite cleric called on the world to stand up to the “terrible brutality” in Gaza. Armed faction Kataib Hezbollah has accused the U.S. of backing Israel in killing civilians. Dozens of pro-Palestine Iraqi supporters also protested against Gaza Hospital killings. Demonstrators chanted anti-U.S. and anti- Israeli slogans and tried to storm the U.S. embassy.

U.S. Pledges All-Out Support To Israel.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden is in Israel to extend support to Israel. U.S. President Biden gave clean chit to Israel in the Gaza Hospital bombing case. In an apparent reference to Islamic jihad, Biden said it was done by other groups’. Israel is Washington’s closest ally in the Middle East, which also gets U.S. Defence aid. After Hamas’ Oct 7 attack, the U.S. rushed needed munitions, air defence system to Israel.

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