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Migrants wave flag on US soil after illegally crossing border transcript

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Another day, another chaotic scene at the southern border. Texas troopers forced to give chase. This after a group of migrants bailed out of a vehicle during a human smuggling attempt. And this was hardly the only dangerous incident in that crisis. Bill Melugin’s back live at the border Eagle Pass, Texas today. And Bill, good morning?

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Bill, Good morning to you. The month of November starting off here at our southern border just like every other month down here, with large groups crossing in the early morning hours. Take a look at our live Fox drone right now. This is the remnants of a group of 300 that just crossed illegally in Normandy, Texas this morning, a tiny little town on the outskirts of Eagle Pass. That group almost all of them single adults. You can take a look at our drone video we shot earlier the this morning to get the full scope of that group. Most of these people are coming in from countries that are not subject to Title 42, including Cuba and Venezuela. That means they will be processed and released into the United States, a majority of them at least. And Border patrol describes a large group as 100 or more migrants. And in just this Del Rio sector alone, Border Patrol reports they have had more than 50 of these large groups just since October 1st. This video you’re looking at from Normandy, the exact same spot where we heard a group of 400 crossed illegally on Sunday morning. And then take a look at this video out of El Paso, Texas yesterday. This was a clash between migrants crossing illegally into the El Paso area and Border Patrol agents. You’ll see a large group of migrants, predominantly Venezuelans, crossing the river and entering the El Paso area. One of them carrying a very large Venezuelan flag. Then you’re going to see a line of border patrol agents respond and push them back into the river. They are armed with paintball guns and they are firing pepper balls at them once they get into the water. Why are they doing that? CBP says one of the migrants assaulted a border patrol agent with a flagpole and another migrant threw a rock at a border Patrol agent and injured that agent. That is why they had to use those crowd control measures. This video was provided to us by an activist at the scene. She told us she did see a rock thrown at Border Patrol. CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility now investigating this incident. Lastly, take a look at this video. We embedded with the Kinney County Sheriff’s Department as they pulled over a speeding vehicle with paper plates. You guessed it, they take a look inside the vehicle, eight illegal immigrants being smuggled inside by a female US citizen. She was arrested and charged. And back out here live law enforcement tells us they are starting to see a lot more US citizens getting wrapped up in both drug smuggling and human smuggling as they are sucked in by the offer of quick, easy cash from these smugglers and cartels on social media. We’ll send it back to you. 

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Wow, it’s unbelievable. Air conditioned busses are waiting for arrival. Bill Melugin back in Eagle Pass, thank you Bill. 20 past the hour now.

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