6 Best AI Tools in Research / AI for Research Papers

A few decades ago, it was a case of information explosion, now we have not only an information explosion but an AI explosion. There are many AI tools for different tasks, however, I will focus on AI tools to help you write your research papers in a weekend, be it essays, dissertations, Journal articles, etc., and still get zero percent AI detection on Turnitin or any other AI detector. They automate your research process in a very beautiful and ethical way. We can call them AI essay writers and the beautiful thing is that they can be used for free. Hello intellects, I’m glad to have you back here. It is another insightful time on Insights4UToday. In this video, I will present awesome AI to help you write your papers or a literature review in a weekend.
In no particular order, it is time to start counting down, Tool 1: Wisio. Wisio is an AI-powered tool for scientists, researchers, and students. Wisio can be used for free although the paid version is mind-blowing. You can register for free and log in, then we choose the type of article you want to write. I will select the original article, also choose the article’s tone, enter the keywords for the pieces and then say. Over here, we have the workspace, you can go ahead and ask specific questions to develop your literature review, highlight questions and click on this little bulb to get suggestions, copy suggestions and paste them on the workspace. You have more options for correcting grammar translations and finding real citations and references for the given text. You can keep adding till you’ve built a literature review or whatever you are writing to your taste.
Another beautiful AI to automate your literature review is Jenni.ai. Jenni.ai is an AI writing assistant that enables you to write better quickly, it may be used for several activities. Jenni has a simple-to-use interface, you can create an outline for your research by clicking this outline builder option, then start writing. Develop your essay or literature review by either accepting or choosing alternative sentences. This AI is awesome, what do you think? If you love this AI essay generator, write “I love AI” in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you. By the way, I hope you know that Turnitin or any other AI detector can detect AI written text, but do not worry, I will show you how to use AI and get zero percent AI in Turnitin shortly.
The third AI tool to automate your research is SciSpace Copilot. SciSpace Copilot is another fantastic AI that amazes me. It could help you interpret any scientific material wherever you are online. SciSpace Copilot is your AI research assistant who explains the text, math, and tables and scientific literature like research papers, technical blog posts or reports. You can also ask follow-up questions and it will give you instant answers. There is one unique feature I love on SciSpace, this AI generates and analyzes more literature you can use to discuss findings in your research. You can use it to develop your essays too. All you have to do is to install the Chrome extension, the link is in the description box. Once the extension is installed and you make any search on Google Scholar, Copilot will produce more insights and studies like this. Copilot will also explain any scientific paper that you highlight.
Number four; ChatDoc. ChatDoc is an AI-powered document assistant that simplifies document comprehension and interaction. It can do several things for you, ChatDoc helps you locate information and documents quickly. You can type in a keyword or phrase and ChatDoc will return all results matching your search criteria. The AI is also very good at answering questions. ChatDoc can thoroughly answer your questions about your document. It is like reading a boring scientific paper in an interesting way. This AI could also summarize articles to help you understand them fast. ChatDoc can also convert documents into different languages and do so much more, try this tool today.
Another great AI tool for your research is ExplainPaper . ExplainPaper can be used to understand research papers more easily, even if you are a novice in research all you need to do is to upload the research paper to explain paper to start using it. Once the paper is uploaded, you can highlight any text you do not understand, explain paper will explain the marked text.
Finally is Elicit. Elicit can be used to find relevant articles. Elicit crawls the web to find papers relating to your study interests. You can easily read and understand articles with Elicit. The Elicit summarizes, explains, and visualizes research publications. It helps you discover research publications, major results, arguments, and limits. Elicit allows research paper collaboration too. To utilize Elicit, establish an account and add papers to explore. After adding documents, you can then use Elicit’s features. To use these tools and get zero percent AI detection on Turnitin, paraphrase with any of the modes on QuillBot, except the formal mode and the human mode. However, I recommend you see my videos in the description box for further details.
So intellects, what do you think of these AI tools? Please share your experiences and thoughts with us in the comments section. Do not forget to like, share, and subscribe. Thanks for watching. Stay safe.

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