Receiving your transcripts: Showcasing the editor page

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On the editor page, we have a number of elements that we can discuss here:

  1. Save button – Clicking on this button saves any changes that were made in the transcript.
  2. Font size – Clicking on this button will increase the size of the text. Do note, that this is on a visual level only
  3. Media keyboard shortcuts – Displays a list of keyboard shortcuts that make the playback easier to control.
  4. Find & Replace – The find & replace button allows the user to search for a text or phrase and replace every occurrence throughout the transcript.
  5. Audio/video viewer – If the uploaded recording is a video it will display here.
  6. Media scrubber – The recording can be rewinded and forwarded by dragging the button.
  7. Play/Pause button – Play and pause the recording. Hitting the Tab key on the keyword functions as an alternative.
  8. Rewind – Rewind the recording by 5 seconds. Shortcut for this function is Shift + Tab
  9. Playback Speed – Helps manipulate and control the speed of the recording.
  10. Volume – Increase or decrease the volume of the recording
  11. Last saved time – This shows the last time the file was saved.
  12. Back to projects – Clicking on ‘Back to projects’ will take you back to the Projects view page.
  13. Actions button – Clicking on the ‘Actions’ button displays the following options:
    1. Reset all tags
    2. Restore original transcript
    3. Refresh report
    4. Export as a Word document (.docx)
    5. Export as a PDF document (.pdf)
    6. Export highlighted areas only as a word document (.docx)
    7. Export highlighted areas only as a PDF document (.pdf)
  14. Speaker label – This text displays the speaker attribution.
  15. Edit speaker button – Clicking on the pencil icon allows you to edit the speaker label as per need.
  16. Play button – Clicking on the play button at each segment will play the recording from that part.

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