How to get high-quality recordings using your phone?

high-quality recordings

If you are tired of bad recordings and want a solution, then you are in the right place. With careful planning, you can get quality sound recordings from your phone’s built-in microphone without spending much money.

Here are some easy ways to get quality recordings using your phone:

Position Your Phone for Best Sound

First, choose a quiet location with no external or background noise. You should get your phone as close to the sound source as possible. If there is no way for you to place it directly in front of your microphone, then make sure that you are at least within arm’s length of the speaker. After placing your phone correctly, you can switch on the recorder to start the recording.

Optimize the built-in mic

The built-in microphone on your phone is not ideal for recording music or voice. It is not sensitive enough to pick up the nuances of your voice, and it has a poor signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
Optimizing the internal mic is the best way to improve your recordings’ sound quality. You can do it by going into the settings, selecting accessibility, then going on the audio or visual option, choosing phone noise cancelation, and making it on.

Or Invest in an External Microphone

An external microphone is your best bet for a quality audio recording. External microphones are more sensitive than internal ones.
An external mic will have better frequency response and SNR than the internal one, so your recordings will have more precise vocals, bass lines, drums, and other low-end sounds. You can use them with any phone case or stereo headset. They are also better for recording music and interviews since they pick up more detail in the vocals.

You can also download a voice recording app

Voice recording apps are usually free and can record audio directly from your phone. You need no wires or earbuds and still record audio seamlessly. These apps have features like noise reduction and voice editing tools that make producing high-quality recordings easier.

Use a Windscreen to Reduce Noise

A windscreen is a small device that fits your phone’s mic, blocking unwanted noise. It is easy to use and cheap, but it can also help reduce the noise you hear in recordings from wind and other sources

The Bottomline

The great thing about recording with your phone is that it is easy to do, and you don’t need special equipment or software. You only need the proper technique and patience; there are numerous ways to improve your recordings.

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