How to Decide if You Need Human or Automatic Transcription?

How can I decide if I need human or automatic transcription

If you use transcription services, first, you must decide whether you need human or automatic transcription or a combination of both. If you are confused between these two transcriptions, then you are in the right place. We will first develop a thorough understanding of both transcription methods. Then, we will analyze the right approach to select one of them. Let’s begin:

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  • What is Human Transcription?
  • Benefits of Human Transcription
  • What is Automatic Transcription?
  • Benefits of Automatic Transcription
  • Automatic Transcription vs. Human Transcription

What is Human Transcription?

Human transcription is the basic process of converting audio or video recordings into written text manually. Human transcribers first listen to the audio or video file and type out what they hear.

Benefits of Human Transcription


The absolute benefit of human transcription over automated transcription is accuracy. Automated transcription software often makes mistakes, especially with complex words, background noises, industry jargon, or when the speaker has a heavy accent

Verbatim transcription

There are many benefits to human transcription, but the most important one is that it helps with verbatim transcription. It means that every spoken word is transcribed, which is essential for accuracy.
Other benefits of human transcription include the ability to transcribe multiple speakers, to transcribe in real-time, and to add punctuation and other formatting and customizing features like individual speaker labels, redaction of PII, etc.

What is Automatic Transcription?

Automated transcription is the basic process of converting speech into text using AI-based speech recognition software or technology. You can use automatic transcription for various purposes, such as converting lectures into text, research purposes, transcribing meetings, or interviews.
Benefits of Automatic Transcription

Saves time

You can save yourself a good chunk of time by using the automated transcription. If you have a lot of audio or video files, then automated service is your ultimate savior as it helps generate transcripts much faster than manual transcription.

Readily available & Reasonable

You can transcribe anytime, anywhere, with automated transcription software or tools. Also, automated transcription is relatively more cost-effective than human transcription.
Automatic Transcription vs. Human Transcription
Both automated and manual transcription have their pros and cons. Then, what is the best way to filter and select the most promising one for you? To decide which type of transcription you need, you will need to consider the purpose of the transcription. Human transcription is the better option if accuracy is more important than cost. However, automatic transcription is more favorable if cost matters more than accuracy. If you want a few neat copies, go with manual transcription without a second thought. But machine transcription is there for you if you’re looking for bulk transcripts.
Whether you are looking for human or automated transcription, ANT by Datagain has your back in both approaches. Connect with us & explore more!