How To Create a Story Using Customer Feedback

We all know the importance of client feedback. But did you know that a story from customer feedback works best to refine business processes? These stories make understanding products easier and fun for the audience. They also help boost customer retention rates and loyalty to a great extent. Condensing feedback into stories is an art that not everyone can ace. But, with a few tricks and correct understanding, you can do it and get the best outcomes.

What's in the blog for you?

  • 3 steps to crafting the best customer feedback story
  • Tips to polish your business story
  • Key takeaways

1. Start with the basics.

● Collecting feedbacks

Begin the adventure by gathering customer feedback from all possible sources. The primary method is to ask customers for their feedback in person, through a survey, or via email. You can also use social media to collect feedback. Post a question on your Facebook or Twitter feed and encourage customers to respond. You can collect feedback from third-party review sites like Yelp or Google Reviews.
Another way to collect feedback is using customer service software with built-in feedback features. No matter which method you use to collect feedback, it’s essential to make sure that you are collecting it regularly. It will help you track the trends and adjust your business accordingly.

● Understanding audience

After collecting feedback, develop a good understanding of your audience. What are their needs and wants? What are their pain points? What would they find valuable? Answering these pointers will help to ensure that the story resonates with the audience and meets their needs. In addition, understanding the audience will help to determine the best way to tell the story. Should it be data-driven? Should it be personal? Should it be inspirational? The audience will help to guide these decisions.

2. Processing information & preparing insights

Now comes the most critical part of understanding reviews and fetching insights from them. It will help formulate a story by hitting the right notes. Customer feedback provides valuable insights that can help businesses improve their products, services, and overall customer experience. By listening to what customers say, you can identify areas that need improvement and make the necessary changes. It guides marketing and sales efforts. Filtering the feedback assists businesses in coming up with a hit storyline.

If you find processing and analyzing feedback hard. No worries, we have got your back. You can seek ANT’s assistance in processing feedback and taking out the correct information anytime.

3. Time to make your story

Let’s begin with the most important and, by far, the most exciting part. You have feedback insights, a target audience, and the areas to focus on. Now, brace yourself and bring out your creative instincts. Define the critical insights you will cover in the story and elaborate on them. Be careful with words; they can either make or break your storyline. Don’t exaggerate so many positives or jump deep into the negatives; keep it neutral.

Let's take an example of how to make a story from feedback-

Although, we have put all the essential steps to guide you on how to carve customer feedback stories. Still, an example is a must. Let’s assume you want to promote a workforce management tool. The first step is to collect the words about the tool from social media and other search engines. Now process the input and categorize them. You can focus on areas such as a notification system, reminders, connectivity features, content posting framework, etc. Then, you can connect the dots by linking customer’s views with these points. This way, you can hit two objects with one arrow- getting stories to upgrade the testimonial section and boosting the application’s branding.

Tips to polish the story from customer feedback

Here are a few quick tips to add that spark and edge to your customer feedback story-

  • Don’t just dive into the process of creating customer feedback stories. First, prepare a roadmap about what message and intent you wish to present via stories.
  • Make sure the story is short and easy to read. It will attract diverse customers in a shorter span.
  • It’s always a great idea to start highlighting positive words about services.
  • Target various features of the products to attract a broad customer base to your services.
  • You can also highlight product issues in the story to resolve the audience’s query about them.
  • You can create out-of-the-box messages by attaching some immersive templates or graphics.
  • Don’t forget to pitch your services with a short yet impactful call to action remark.

ANT: Your ultimate stop to get immersive customer feedback stories

By now, you must have understood the impact and benefits of feedback stories. But what’s next? How to extract qualitative stories from genuine feedback. In that case, ANT- your companion in transcription and analysis, is here. We are not boasting we are the best but proving it with incredible services. We use high-quality tools and a comprehensive feedback analysis process. Our team has proficiency in crafting customized stories to help your business prosper. Create engaging, concise, and extraordinary stories with feedback analysis only with our support.