5 Reasons Why Audio Transcription Services are Worth it

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What is your first thought when you hear audio transcription? Just a copy of the audio to-text, but it is much more than that. Here, we will explore what audio transcription is and how it is a game-changer. 

What are audio transcription services?

Audio transcription services bring a team of professional audio analysts. They transcribe audio using the right approaches and tools.
Before we get into this, let’s check a few elements that influence audio transcription services:
  • Several speakers: Greater the number of speakers, the more time and effort it takes to transcribe.  
  • Length of audio: Naturally, a longer video will take longer to transcribe than the shorter one.
  • Audio subject: If the subject of audio needs research, transcribing it will take time; otherwise not.
  • Transcription styles: There are three primary transcription styles: verbatim, true verbatim, and intelligent verbatim.

We are now aware of what audio transcription services and their factors are; let’s explore their advantages

5 advantages of audio transcription services

As we already mentioned, audio transcription is not just the mundane copy of the audio to text. It is a process that requires in-depth research and audio analysis. Audio transcripts can make your content more structured and manageable.
Let’s explore all the advantages in detail now:

Great accessibility 

One of the essential benefits of an audio transcription service is that it makes audio files more accessible. For example- a deaf person can also connect with audio if it comes with transcripts. Audio transcription services help cross language barriers, and geographical restrictions connecting you with a diverse audience. It also makes content accessible for researchers trying to follow and study the audio content with a written record. Ultimately, audio and transcription services enhance the reach and feasibility of the audio content. 

Boosts SEO

Audio transcription services also assist in improving the SEO of the audio content. A transcript can help improve the audio content’s ranking by making it easier for search engines to index and rank the content. A transcript makes content more accessible to users, resulting in increased leads, traffic, and higher conversion rates.

Makes content valuable

If you want to make your content more valuable, audio transcription services are a great way to do it. Transcribing audio into text allows you to create searchable, indexable content that you can repurpose in multiple ways. Transcripts also support you in enhancing your content by helping you add captions, titles, and phrases.

Fast turnaround time

Audio transcription services can provide a quick turnaround time for your project. In addition, audio transcription services can be more accurate than transcribing the audio yourself. Transcriptionists have great experience understanding different accents and dynamic audio contents, making the entire process faster and better. 

Easy management and distribution of content

You can share audio in a go, but what about their management? Well, audio transcription services provide an easy way to manage and distribute content. They help create crisp transcripts of audio recordings and easily distribute them to employees, clients, or customers.  Audio files are pretty tricky to store and manage. But audio transcription services also help create searchable databases by converting audio content into easy-to-use and sharable pdfs or documents.


Audio transcription services make audio editing a hassle-free chore without leaving a hole in your pocket. These services are quite cost-effective, especially when compared to the cost of hiring a private transcriptionist. The average cost of a privately-contracted transcriptionist is $50 per hour, while the average cost of audio transcription service is only $10 per hour.  We have covered everything from audio transcription’s meaning to its influencing elements and benefits. And now, the question arises of a platform where you can find reliable audio transcription help. There are many reliable transcription services available in the marketplace. But, we will discuss why ANT should be your first choice.

Here is why ANT can make audio transcription services worthwhile

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