5 Advantages of Adding an Interactive Transcript to your Podcast

Podcast transcription

Not everyone has a background in journalism or speech, but you can still create an engaging podcast with the help of interactive transcripts. In this post, we will share the benefits of adding interactive transcripts to your podcast.

Let’s begin with what interactive transcripts are? Like captions or subtitles, an interactive transcript is shown next to the audio or video source. The corresponding words in the transcript are underlined or highlighted as the user hears the spoken words. Let’s now look at its five benefits:

Improved Accessibility

An interactive transcript can help you make your podcast more accessible and engaging for a wider audience. If you have a podcast that is hard to understand, transcribing it will allow people with cognitive disabilities (e.g., autism) an opportunity to listen to the audio without struggling with it on their own. It’s also an excellent way for anyone who doesn’t speak English or the language used in the podcasts as a first language but can enjoy podcasts anyway with interactive transcripts. Transcripts can also be searched and printed out for easy access. So, add interactive transcripts to your podcast to make them more accessible, engaging, and easy to search for.

Increased Engagement

In a study by MIT OpenCourseWare, 97% of students said interactive transcripts enriched their learning experience. Stats like these prove that an interactive transcript is a great way to keep your listeners engaged and interested in the content of your podcast. It’s easier for them to follow along, so they will be more likely to stay tuned in as you discuss important topics.

Also, interactive transcripts are great tools for re-listening after an episode has been released. You can use search terms from within each episode’s description text or specific phrases from within those descriptions. It makes it easier than ever by searching rather than scrolling through long lists of episodes with no results.

Easier Reference

Another benefit of adding an interactive transcript is that it is easier to reference. When listening to podcasts, it’s often not convenient to find a specific part of the show or even search your favorite podcast for quotes you want to use in your work. With an interactive transcript, you can see when someone talked about what you are discussing and how long they talked about it. It makes it easier for listeners who want more detail on these subjects.

Better user experience

Interactive transcripts are an excellent way to provide a better user experience. It grants seamless access to podcasts in sound-sensitive areas such as a library, office, or crowded street. Interactive transcripts are easy to search for and read since they are in text rather than audio.

Interactive transcripts also help you share the podcasts with other people who might benefit from them but have no idea of the language of the podcast.

An incredible tool for SEO optimization
One of the most important things you can do as a podcaster is to optimize your content for search engines. Interactive transcripts help with the correct keyword integration. They allow users to search for keywords within the transcript and their origins. It helps ensure that Google, Bing, and other search engines can find and index your podcast episodes.
Also, by adding an interactive transcript with each episode, people who don’t have time to listen through all the minutes can now scroll down through the text section the next time they want more information on that topic.

The Bottomline

Interactive transcripts don’t necessarily make or break the quality of your content. However, they are unmatched in making your podcasts more accessible and engaging. And, if you want your podcasts to lose for one quickly and all, then interactive transcripts are a must. Also, if you want quality interactive transcripts in a reasonable range, Ant Datagain is your ultimate stop. Book your custom quote today with us!