Submitting your recordings

Instructions to create a project and upload recordings

We have worked extra hard towards creating a workflow for a Project and uploading your recordings is quite simple.

  • Upload video and audio files directly from your computer.
  • Upload files using Google Drive

Upload video and audio files directly from your computer.

Once inside the upload page, follow the steps outlined below:

1 . On the left-hand side, enter the name of your project. This project name field is editable and can be changed later on. 

2 . To upload the recordings, either: 

  • Click on ‘Upload files’ link and provide the file path or
  • Drag and drop the file on the dotted square box.

3 . If there are multiple files available, the user can upload them all at once.

4 . On the right-hand side, choose the following options as per your requirement:

a. Transcription type 

  • Manual – Our experienced team will manually transcribe your recording from scratch. Standard turnaround is 5 business days. 99% accurate.
  • Automatic – Choosing this option will generate an AI transcript within 30 minutes. Accuracy is highly dependent on several factors such as audio quality, background noise, and speaker accents. 
  • Both – The best of both worlds. An AI generated draft is delivered first followed by a manual transcript later on.

b. Transcription time delivery  

  • 5 business days – This is our standard turnaround time and is inclusive of the cost. 
  • 3 business days – Slightly faster turnaround with a slightly higher rate.
  • Next business day – The transcript will be delivered in 24 hours.

c.  Additional options 

  • Timestamp –  Timestamps are displayed besides each speaker attribution.
  • Verbatim – Verbatim transcripts capture every word, sound, pause, repetition of words, filler words, slang words, stammering, etc. 
  • PII – De-identify and redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI)


d. Language   

Choosing this option will generate a transcript in the source language. For example:

  • English recording <> English transcript
  • Spanish recording <> Spanish transcript 

e. Translate to –

Choose this option if you have a foreign language recording and would like to translate in English language. For example:

  • Spanish recording <> English transcript
  • Mandarin recording <> English transcript

5 . Once all the variables are selected, click on the ‘Submit’ button to send the recordings for transcription.

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