Product validation Using customer feedback analytics to create a master plan

customer feedback analytics
Customers and products are not just two parts of any business; they are the deciding factors. If the sync between your services and customers is resonating, your business will prosper rapidly. But how do all products sync and meet customers’ needs and preferences? Well, customer feedback analytics can have your back anytime in product validation. Let’s find out how.
Before diving into customer feedback analytics, understanding product validation and its significance are essential.

What is product validation?

Product validation is a definite process that helps ensure that the end product fulfills all stakeholder’s requirements. You can do it through testing, analysis, and inspection.

Phases of Product Validation

There are three stages of product validation: pre-validation, concurrent validation, and post-validation.
  • Pre-validation takes place before the product release. It includes activities like product design reviews, test planning, and creating test specifications.
  • Concurrent validation occurs after the product release when customers are using it. The steps include customer feedback surveys, beta testing, and customer service data.
  • Post-validation takes place after the product launch to check whether it is meeting the intended use and demands of the customers.

Benefits of Product Validation

Some of the specific benefits of product validation include the following:
1. Avoiding expensive recalls: If a product lacks proper verification and is defective, the company may have to recall the product. Product validation emerges here to the rescue and assists in correcting product defects in the early stage. It further helps save any financial and legal troubles that product recalls may bring.
2. Ensuring safety: A product with improper authorization may pose a safety hazard to consumers. By validating a product, companies can help ensure it is safe and effective.
3. Avoiding legal issues: The lack of product validation may pose serious legal problems with products, stakeholders and potential investors. If you want to avoid any legal hassle while curating products, choose product validation and comply seamlessly with legal aspects.
4. Improving customer satisfaction: Happy customers pave the way for better prospects. Companies can enrich customer satisfaction, acquisition, and loyalty by ensuring that their products are effective and reliable.
5. Enhancing the company’s reputation: A company that releases products with extensive validation receives more credibility among stakeholders.

Role of customer feedback analytics in making product validation strategy

Customer feedback is the mirror of product validation because customers are the main stakeholders of any product or service. After forming a proper strategy, you can prepare your product, test it, and launch it. Now comes the crucial step of gathering customer feedback data. There are numerous ways you can collect customer feedback. You can rely on interviews, social media comments, or direct product reviews on service portals. It would be better to collect from multiple channels to have a diverse analysis.
Collecting feedback is easy, but analyzing it is a task you can lessen the hassle by going with any credible analytics services. These services will not just collect essential feedback but will bring more comprehensive datasets, including behavioral and attitudinal interactions. Make sure you go with a firm with a good name in the marketplace and have quick turnaround timelines.

Way to the final roadmap

The question now is, what should one do after collecting review analysis? After getting a synopsis of product reviews from customers, you can implement them. Eliminate the products or services customers dislike. Your business can prepare more inventories for products that are getting the most appreciation. Product review analytics will help you generate many such links, connect them and build a solid roadmap.

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